Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snow and Simplicity

This morning I awoke to our youngest daughter, Samantha running around the house with definite excitement in her voice. It had snowed for the first time this season in our quaint little town of Fletcher.

There's definitely something magical about the first snowfall of the season. It makes everything feel just a bit more cozy and makes you want to make a yummy casserole that will warm your family's tummies and put a smile of complete joy and satisfaction on their faces. So....that is exactly what I did! I threw together a very comforting Shepherd's pie - definitely not the fancier version, just my plain old hamburger, onions, corn and potato. Very plain, very delightful.

I find that most of the time it's the simple things that reap the best rewards. I strive for simplicity in my life and I truly find the most pleasure in those moments.

Winter is creeping in...keep it simple...cozy up with the family and enjoy every sweet and simple moment!

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