Friday, October 7, 2011

Apple Picking picking in, that is when you have three kiddos and 2 of them are teenagers! We purchased 2 giant bags to go apple picking and it probably took us a whopping 15, maybe 20 minutes to collect enough apples to fill those bags.

We went to the lovely and quaint, Chapin Orchards, which is about 10 minutes from our home. Last year, we decided to go apple picking in mid October, and when we got there, they were done with apple disappointing. So, I promised my girls we would make sure to go earlier next year. I can't believe it's already next year! Time flies when you are a busy you all know. Well, we ended up picking out some pumpkins as well and I later went out to Morrisville to a lovely little shop, Bailey House and picked up some mums to complete the traditional decor for the front porches (we actually have two due to a recent addition of a mudroom - so worth it!!!!!)

This picture is of our youngest daughter, Samantha. In this shot, she is trying to pick an apple with the help of her father. I can't remember if I took this picture or not but either way, I thought it was a great shot and wanted to share it.

Until next time...Happy

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